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How To Get More Followers On Spotify | hypebot

0001One of the most popular streaming platforms out there, Spotify is a great tool for artists to promote their music with, but getting people to follow your playlists can be challenging. Here we look at some valuable techniques for drawing fans in and gaining followers on the streaming service.


Guest post from the Symphonic Blog

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming sites there is and it’s a great way to promote your music. So how do you get more people to listen to the playlists you have on there? Here are some tips on how to get more followers for your music:

  1. Advertise your music to your own personal network because this is a quick and easy way to promote. Contact your local bars and restaurants and ask them to just shuffle your playlists.
  2. Contact artists on your playlist cause they always want to share with their fans. You can do it easily on twitter by attaching a link!
  3. Contact music bloggers to collaborate your playlist with them. You can even have bloggers post your music on their social media channels to expand your fanbase.
  4. 0001You can share with Spotify codes by letting your friends and family scan your playlist code and then instantly playing your music. You can include the code on flyers and posters to expand your audience.
  5. You can join the Spotify playlist exchange where you post your playlist and that add a brief description on why you created it and the genre.
  6. Post your playlist on Reddit and then on a bunch of sub-reddits accordingly. It is a huge online community and many people will appreciate new music
  7. Be original when creating playlists and find songs that seem unique together. Target a niche rather than a mainstream idea. Build your playlist around 100 to 200 songs and try to keep a theme going
  8. Follow other playlists and seek out new inspiration. You can study playlists with lots of followers so you know how to curate one of your own.

We hope these tips help you to increase your Spotify followers. If you have any other tips, comment below!

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