Saturday, July 29, 2017

Things To Consider When Buying A Tesla Model 3 | Liisten by Tyler Hayes

Part of the appeal of Tesla’s Model 3 is that it’s an attractive car, one that you’d expect to pay $35,000 for, regardless of its fuel consumption methods.

It’s got a sleek and sporty look. It has an eye-popping 15-inch screen as its center console and vehicle controls. Plus, it’s relatively fast.


The problem with the Model 3 is that it’s possibly too desirable, teasing a price that’s mostly unrealistic. Here’s a breakdown of the cost realities you should expect from actually buying a Model 3 with 220 miles of range:

 Base price does not include:

  • Any color that isn’t black. ($1,000 for other color options)
  • Premium upgrades - Heated seating, premium cabin materials, power adjustable seats, enhanced speakers and sound, tinted glass roof, auto dimming and power side mirrors, additional USB ports and phone docking options. (+$5,000 for package)
  • Enhanced Autopilot - Matching speed to traffic, stay within the lane, automatically change lanes, transition from one freeway to another, exit freeway, and self-park. (+$5,000)
  • Full Self-Driving - Future updates allowing the car to drive itself fully autonomously. (+$3,000 on top of enhanced Autopilot)
  • 19-inch sport wheels - Upgrade over 18-inch standard wheels. (+$1,500)
  • Long Range Battery - If you want or need 90 miles of additional range, a quicker start speed, and slightly higher top speed that bumps the base price an addition $9,000 to start.

 Extra costs to consider

Items that won’t show up on Tesla’s site when configuring a new car:

  • Sales tax (in CA the base model will cost a little over $3,000)
  • Adding a 240V outlet to your garage or parking area

 What a Model 3 will likely cost most people

Let’s suppose you can afford a Model 3 and have a little extra money to play with on top of the base configuration, how much is the car likely to cost an average person? Here are two different scenarios:

Standard model: $35,000

  • +$1,000 for Midnight Silver Metallic color
  • +$5,000 for Premium Upgrades including glass roof
  • + sales tax on a $41,000 car


Long Range model: $44,000

  • +$1,000 for Deep Blue Metallic
  • +$5,000 for Enhanced Autopilot
  • + sales tax on a $50,000 car


 Miscellaneous notes

First, I do think $35,000 for the standard car and options is completely reasonable. There’s a reason Tesla is the first electric car at this price. Even Chevy’s uglier Bolt is more expensive.

The two options I think will be very tempting for people and hard to resist will be the premium upgrades package and the enhanced Autopilot. Because of the price, I also imagine people won’t get both and will pick between the two.

Unless someone wanted black to begin with, I think the $1,000 price for a different color won’t be a deterrent.

You can find the full list of options, both standard and upgradable on Electrek


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