Monday, July 24, 2017

MGT92: How To Live Stream On Facebook To Grow Your Audience – Rick Barker | Dotted Music

Rick Barker is a leading music marketing expert, teaching indie artists the business side of music, all while assisting major labels and big media companies.


Rick is a former manager for Taylor Swift, current advisor to Big Machine Records, and the social media mentor for American Idol, just to give a few examples.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Rick names the only advantage majors have over indies, explains how to treat your social media strategy as a meal plan, shows one key approach to growth, and talks about the power of live streaming, on Facebook in particular.

Listen to this episode to feel more confident and inspired to host a Facebook Live stream than ever, to learn the common live streaming pitfalls, and the tools to make a TV-quality stream.

You can listen to today’s episode below:

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