Monday, June 26, 2017

YouTube confirms it now reaches 1.5 billion people each month | UNLIMITED | CMU


A big shout out to everyone due to deliver presentations on the digital music market today, with a slide to present outlining current user numbers for all the key streaming platforms. Anyone? That can’t just be me can it? I bet there are hundreds of you. I bet there are at least 37 of you also presenting on all things digital music in Oslo today.

Anyway, for anyone sitting on a ‘streaming platform user numbers list’, it’s time to finally update the big fat YouTube stat that sits at the top. The Google video site’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has finally re-adjusted her company’s official monthly users stat brag from one billion to 1.5 billion. And that’s 1.5 billion ‘logged in’ users too.

That’s rather a lot of people glued to the YouTubes. They should all get out more. Paint a picture. Bake a cake. Get an allotment. Take up pottery. Start playing croquet. Begin knitting some jumpers for next Christmas. And if you don’t know how to get started with any of those things, there’s sure to be a YouTube video that tells you all you need to know.

Of course, the hour a day the average YouTube viewer spends watching videos on their mobile isn’t just about consuming music content. But the music industry would like you all to know that it’s mainly about consuming music content and Wojcicki should stop hanging out with the cool kid YouTubers at VidCon bragging about her stats and instead get her fucking cheque book out and send the music makers some dosh.

Fun times. I’m also talking about safe harbours later today.


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