Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SoundCloud licensing guy moves to YouTube | UNLIMITED | CMU


Stephen Bryan – Chief Content Officer at SoundCloud until last month – has only gone and rocked up at YouTube as Head Of Label Relations. Glutton for punishment is Stephen.

He joins his former Warner Music colleague Lyor Cohen at the Google video site, who confirmed the hire yesterday. “At YouTube, we have over a billion viewers and thousands of label partners and Stephen is going to be the bridge that brings them together”, Cohen told reporters. “As that crucial link, he’s going to help labels and artists dream up new opportunities to reach fans around the world”.

Hurrah! Meanwhile, labels across Europe are ramping up their “YouTube is evil” rhetoric as EU law-makers consider amendments to the draft European Copyright Directive, including the article that seeks to limit the so called safe harbour which music companies argue YouTube exploits in order to under-pay for the music it streams.

For more safe harbour good times, check out the value gap panel moderated by CMU at MIDEM in Cannes tomorrow. Free “YouTube is evil” t-shirts for everyone. We’re just getting them reprinted with “but Steve’s alright” on the back.


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