Monday, June 5, 2017

A New Age Calls For A New Way To Brand – Introducing Forrester’s Intelligent Branding | Forrester

The traditional paradigm of brand management has been upended by intelligent branding -- a customer-centric, emotions-driven approach anchored in the neuroscience of how people form brand impressions. The full report is available for Forrester clients: The Rise Of Intelligent Branding

Why now?

Because the idea of traditional brand management is well past its prime and reflects neither the customer-obsession that characterizes today's best brands nor the significant advances in our understanding of decision making:

  • Brand is not a monolith to be managed like a product or service; it is an idea, a perception. And there are as many perceptions of a brand as there are minds that have interacted with it. Branding is about consumer and customer obsession, not about products, services, and communications.
  • Brand is not rational. Traditional marketing has always assumed a rational consumer (homo economicus). However, a considerable body of work (including Forrester's own ongoing research), has shown the primacy of emotions and the subconscious in decision making. Traditional brand management has not caught up.
  • Brand is hard to measure. Traditional qualitative and quantitative brand measurement can be unpredictable because recall is fraught with error and highly prone to suggestion. Respondents struggle with "why" questions since they can't access their subconscious which drives decision making.

Why Intelligent?

Intelligent branding goes beyond the antiquated product management approach of classical brand management. It builds on advances in psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and technology to provide us with a new worldview on brand.

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