Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Musical.ly announces Apple Music integration | UNLIMITED | CMU


Musical.ly has introduced Apple Music integration, allowing users signed up to both services to access full songs within the video-based social network’s app. There are also a load of Musical.ly curated playlists on the Apple streaming service now too.

Popular mainly with teenagers, and now boasting over 200 million users, Musical.ly provides the tools to make short videos. It’s best known for lip-sync videos, but people also post footage of cats and babies too, because it’s the internet. The social network also now proclaims itself to be a prime destination for music discovery, last year launching a monthly playlist of songs from new and emerging artists for its users – or ‘musers’, as they’re known – to check out and maybe flap their mouths about to.

The Apple Music integration will allow ‘musers’ signed up to the streaming service to listen to full songs before chopping out a fifteen second segment for their latest lip sync extravaganza.

“At musical.ly we are focused on providing our passionate community of musers with the best experience possible when it comes to discovering new music”, says Musical.ly’s North American President Alex Hofmann. “The integration with Apple Music gives musers a new listening experience and further layers into their connection with the music they are already creating content to in musical.ly. We are excited about the possibilities this creates for musers to share and discover new music with their friends”.

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