Monday, May 1, 2017

Is It A Hit? Scorecard Tests A Song's Potential | hypebot

image from e1.365dm.comFormer Edison Research VP Deena Hollander is back in the music research business today with the launch of Scorecard, the first product by her new company, Advantage Music Research.


Scorecard is an online music test  that uses "randomized hooks" and techniques like "speed controls" and “dummy hooks” to determine if a song is a hit or a miss. The goals is to avoid professional test-takers and scam artists in music testing. Scorecard respondents also enjoy the ability to take the test from any location and on any platform.

“After working in the industry for almost twenty years, I noticed that radio programmers were continuously left frustrated when it came to music testing and getting a high quality test at a price that works within their budget,” said Advantage Music founder Deena Hollander. “I wanted to give radio stations what they really need while also improving upon the existing research methods currently used by the industry.”

Scorecard is delivered to clients through Cornerstone Research’s Analyst software and uses hooks from Hooks Unlimited.

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