Friday, May 26, 2017

How To Make A Stunning Music Blog Using WordPress | Music Think Tank

Music, undoubtedly, soothes everyone’s mood & is a therapy to mind & soul! You will find hardly anyone who is not interested in listening to a melodious track after a long day. So, if you are a music lover or musician/artist or alike, then blogging could help you to find similar persons who share the same interest as of you & which can lead to a community of music-lovers. In the following easy steps, you can start your own blog & will be able to communicate with your fans, promoters & other significant people.

  • Hosting & Domain name

You will firstly need a name for your blog! It should be catchy & have a nice ring to ears, although it should not be extra-flashy. You can even go for a shared hosting if the price is bothering you. However, once your blog starts getting more traffic you always have an option of moving to a dedicated hosting.

  • Select a platform

Although you will find many platforms, but undoubtedly WordPress is the best among all. Simply because WordPress does not ask you to be a technical genius, it is precisely developed for all bloggers & understand that you are a music lover, not a tech pro! Moreover, you will find many products including WordPress Themes & plugins which are easy to use & customize. And the best part they are less time consuming & painless in setting up. You can check out few of the following themes for your music blog:

1. Musical

Musical is a complete package for any show business which comes from a reliable marketplace of themes & offers premium support. Apart from that, the theme is developed to be a super fast theme with a clean & minimalistic design. Also, there is a custom music section in masonry display which allows you to post your music, playlists & much more. And the best part you will get all these features for free as this theme is one of the best 2017’s Free WordPress Themes.

Details | Demo

2. Music

A responsive layout with retina ready features to ensure the performance of the site, this theme is a brilliant choice for your music blog or site. This theme uses a full-width music background to capture the attention of the visitor & is supported by all posts, layouts & featured section. Also, it features an Ajax navigation to play music throughout your site & does not get interrupted while users go back & forth the with the options.

Details | Demo

3. Musik

This theme is a brilliant combination of a stunning design & fully functional layout. The theme enables you to sell your music as it offers the support to sell single audio or bundle album. Additionally, the theme has a highly customizable framework which lets you customize your site as per your choice.

Details | Demo

  • Start Blogging

First two steps are mechanical, but here in this step, you will need all the creativity you can muster! Since music is the genre of your blog, your content should match the tone of your genre. Moreover, your content should be interesting enough to keep readers on your blog for a longer time. Also, you should try to interact with your visitors as much as you can using different social media platforms & RSS support. The interaction with the visitors encourages them to promote you everywhere! Also, once your blog starts to get momentum, you can monetize your blog with advertising & affiliate marketing.

The possibilities with a blog are many & if you are running a music blog, the opportunities increase. It is your chance to get recognition along with pursuing your hobby & interest in music. Best of luck!


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