Monday, May 1, 2017

$100 Million Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Fyre Festival: "Closer To Hunger Games Than Coachella" | hypebot

hunger gamesA major lawsuit was filed Sunday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California by attorney Mark Geragos, The suit, filed on behalf of plaintiff and concert goer Daniel Jung, is seeking $5M; but requested class action status could bring the total to well over $100M.


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The lawsuit filed on Sunday against the organizers of the aborted Fyre music festival seeks millions of dollars in damages for alleged fraud, breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and negligent misrepresentation.

The filing by celebrity attorney Mark Geragos, is seeking class action status and anticipates more than 150 plaintiffs.

The lawsuit alleges that the “festival’s lack of adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care created a dangerous and panicked situation among attendees — suddenly finding themselves stranded on a remote island without basic provisions — that was closer to ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’ than Coachella.”



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