Monday, April 10, 2017

YouTube, Creators Respond To Monetization Threshold Change | hypebot

Youtube_logoLast week we wrote critically about YouTube raising its monetization threshold for artists and creators to 10,000 channel views, as part of a response to a major ad boycott over placement alongside objectionable videos.


Hypebot reader Serge wrote that given YouTube's recent monetization rules change, "everyone should use ContentID to block use of their music on videos other than their own official videos. Because it's extremely unlikely that any 'fan' videos will ever reach 10,000 views."

YouTube CreatorsAnother commenter on YouTube's own blog agreed. "So your solution is to destroy any motivation for new channels? Good idea," wrote Dr G sarcastically. "Not only have you hindered channels with over 500K subs with your policies but now you've stopped new creators from even bothering to start up a channel."
YouTube Responds

Now, YouTube has responded to our post saying that the change solves a major pain point for creators in that, as they start to grow, bad actors grab their content and try to monetize it by impersonating them.  That is what Google is trying to prevent and its something creators have asked them to do for a long time, according to a YouTube spokesperson.

In fact, many of the commenters on YouTube's blog echoed that sentiment and agreed that the change made sense. "It took me nearly 9 months of regular uploads to hit 10k views and in that time I earned $20," wrote No Nonsense Whiskey. "If money is a new channel's motivation then YouTube isn't the place for them anyway."


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