Thursday, April 20, 2017

YouTube Analytics For Musicians | hypebot

(1)YouTube is now an integral part of any band's marketing platform, allowing artists to easily engage current and potential future fans. The site also provides an invaluable set of analytics which allow artists to better maximize its effectiveness.


Guest post by Ta'Rikah Jones of Symphonic Blog

YouTube has blown up over the past few years. Artists of every genre can reach potential fans and engage with current fans. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can make the most out of your YouTube channel!

Here are some YouTube analytics tips for musicians:

  • Subscriber report: This helps to better understand your audience and what types of videos made them subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Use the ‘notify subscribers’ option when uploading videos to let your subscribers know when you’ve posted new content
  • The watch time report shows the watch time, views, and amount of viewers who watched your top videos

Traffic Sources

  • 1Traffic sources and playback locations are two key reports that can help you uncover how viewers find your videos on the internet and which of these sources rack up the most watch time
  • Check traffic sources and playback locations reports to find out where your audience is watching your videos from besides on YouTube
    • Pay attention to “average view duration” and “view counts” to better understand which sources drive the longest engagement
    • In the playback locations report, click “embedded player on other websites” to determine which websites are frequently promoting your videos


  • Check when fans are watching: Consider uploading during times when your audience is the most active
  • Demographics reportYou can look at segment data to see who watches your videos – by age, gender, geography 
  • Opportunity to expand globally: If you see unexpected viewers in another country you may want to turn on closed captions to turn them into subscribers


  • Use the suggested videos report to see what videos (from other channels) are driving viewers to your videos, this could become a collaboration opportunity
  • The playlist reports in YouTube Analytics give you insight into which playlists are popular and how much of your playlists are watched
  • Check out which keywords show up in the YouTube search report; if important keywords are missing, add them to your metadata

We hope these YouTube analytics tips helped you and now you can make the most out of your channel. 

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