Friday, April 28, 2017

Spot On Track And Its Benefits To Fans And Musicians | Music Think Tank

Ever wonder what songs, artists or playlists are hot now?

Spot On Track is here to help. Spot On Track is a tool that helps listeners follow their favorite artists, songs, playlists, etc. and see how they are doing on a billboard chart standpoint.

Spot On Track is a useful tool for listeners because they are able to listen to their favorite artists and see exactly how they are doing on a billboard standpoint. Having easy to view charts, graphics and being a free beta app makes Spot On Track very user-friendly and definitely something to look into trying out. Fans are also able to see what countries their favorite artists are the most popular in.

Spot On Track makes a great tool for artists to use for promotion as well. Artists are able to track their albums, songs and playlists they’re on to better understand what music of theirs is hot and what is not. Through Spot On Track, artists are also able to have a better understanding of exactly what cities, states and even countries stream their music the most. This helps the DIY musician world because artists are able to book a better run of shows or blown out tours based on knowing where their music is listened to most.

From musicians to fans, Spot On Track is a great tool to better understand streamed music on a larger scale.


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