Monday, April 24, 2017

RIAA, BMG Are Copyright Cop Rightscorp's Biggest Customers | hypebot

Riaa-logoThe RIAA may have slowed down on lawsuits against average customers, but its continuing to fight grassroots piracy on another front by working with aggressive copyright takedown service Rightscorp. The major label trade group, along with indie BMG, are the copyright cop's biggest customers.



The RIAA and BMG are the two biggest customers of much maligned copyright infringement takedown service Rightscorp.  

“For the year ended December 31, 2016, our contract with Recording Industry Association of America accounted for approximately 44% of our sales, and our contract with BMG Rights Management accounted for 23% of our sales,” a company report analyzed by Torrentfreak reveals.

Rightscorp monitors BitTorrent networks and sends warning notices to ISPs. It asks the ISPs to forward notices to customers who are told to pay $20 or $30 per offense. Rightscorp splits any "fines" with its customers, like the RIAA.

Last year, BMG used Rightscorp data to sue internet provider Cox for not trying hard enough to stop infringers.  Last week, the RIAA filed a lawsuit against Texas based Grande Communications using Righstcorp date to charge the ISP with failing to disconnect subscribers accused of multiple infringements.

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