Friday, April 28, 2017 Syncs With Apple Music | hypebot has partnered with Apple Music, according to a new report. In a rare outside partnership, Apple Music will be one of the services delivering songs to the popular short music video creation app.


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Starting today, Apple Music will begin delivering song snippets to popular music video app As of last year had more than 100 million users and raised 100 million at a $500 million valuation.

"Connecting with gives Apple a new marketing venue: The app will promote Apple’s paid service to its own users, and will allow paying Apple Music subscribers to listen to full songs within the app," according to Recode.

Early this month, the UK's 7Digital announced a renewed deal with Musically doubling the number of territories that it provides music for the app from 30 to 60. That deal is apparently unaffected by the Apple Music partnership.

“To confirm the announcement we made two weeks ago, we’ve just re-signed a deal with, extending the number of territories,” 7digital CEO Simon Cole told Music Ally. “We are unaffected by any other deals they may be doing with third parties, and that we will earn more money from this year than we did last year.”

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