Friday, April 14, 2017

Martial Music: 5 Reasons To Consider Joining A Military Band | Music Think Tank

The origin of martial music dates back to a time when the high-tech communication systems seen on the battlefield today were not in existence. Signaling in the war zone was done by the sound of drum beats and the sounding of trumpets.

However, present day military bands have a different kind of music duty. Once you join the military and pass all the mandatory training and auditions, you get assigned to a band. As part of the band, your primary mission will be to perform musical engagements. Many of which fall under the morale and welfare category. They include recruiting concerts, military formations, and monthly officer’s club retreats among others. If you’re interested in joining such a band, here are a few reasons to help you take the plunge:

1. Perks and Benefits

All members of a military band are entitled to a fair share of benefits. This includes housing allowance, health benefits, and education benefits. Education benefits can either be used by the serviceman or transferred to a child or spouse. These benefits vary according to the eligibility criteria being used. In some cases, it’s not unusual for service members to have their whole tuition fees waived in their institution of choice.

2. Loan Repayment

If you’ve accrued some form of student loan, this might come as a reprieve to you. When you join a military band, the military may decide to settle your debt partly. On the flip side, having too much debt may ruin your chances of getting enlisted in the military. It’s recommended to have a candid chat with a local recruiter to find out if your student debt will have a negative effect on your application.

3. It’s a Full-time Job

The US military has more than one military band. Typically, there’s one in each combat unit. This translates to over 50 musical ensembles in the army that need to be fully staffed. You can play the sax for a living and still earn a decent full-time pay.

If you lack any military background, consider enrolling for a military history degree online. The majority of the service members playing in military bands have impressive credentials and a burning desire to pursue a career in performance.

4. It’s Unlikely You’ll Enter a Warzone

When you join the military, basic training is a must but you won’t be required to go through combat training. The military will probably have to exhaust all other resources before deploying you to combat.

5. You Get to Travel a Lot

If you don’t like traveling, joining a military band is not for you. Military bands travel extensively and often. You’ll have the opportunity to live in different countries and meet new people. Performing your duties and immersing yourself in other cultures.

A career as a military band service member is worth pursuing if you’re passionate about music and new life experiences you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to do.


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