Monday, April 10, 2017

Jay-Z pulls catalogue from Spotify | UNLIMITED | CMU


Spotify has confirmed that it has removed most of Jay-Z’s catalogue from its platform, at the request of the rapper, who is – of course – also owner of rival streaming service Tidal. Some of his albums have also disappeared from Apple Music.

There seems to have been some fluctuation on what is and isn’t available via Spotify, and at the time of writing Jay-Z’s first three albums – ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘In My Lifetime’ and ‘Hard Knock Life’ – are still listed on his profile on the service in the UK. A number of singles and compilations also remain.

Neither Jay-Z nor Tidal have commented on the matter, and Spotify has only confirmed that it’s not a glitch. It’s not the first time albums by the rapper have disappeared from Spotify – his debut LP, ‘Reasonable Doubt’, briefly went missing shortly after he relaunched Tidal in 2015.


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