Friday, April 21, 2017

Google Play Music Becomes Default Music Service On All Samsung Mobile Devices | hypebot

image from lh3.googleusercontent.comApple Music got a huge leg up as the default music services on tens of millions of iPhones and other Apple Devices. Now Google Play Music is getting a similar boost via an exclusive relationship with the globe's #2 phone maker Samsung.



Google Play Music is now the exclusive default music player on Samsung phones and other mobile devices. The partnership began with the Galaxy 7 phone, but has been cemented as part of today's Samsung Galaxy 8 releases.  

Google's Android operating system powers all Samsung phones. 

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As part of the expanded relationship, Google Play Music is adding enhanced features only for Samsung customers. For example, Google has doubled the size of its free 50,000 song cloud storage locker to 100,000 for Samsung users. Galaxy S8 buyers will also receive a free three-month trial of Play Music.

Google also promised to add more “special features in Google Play Music just for Samsung customers, including integration with Samsung's Bixby voice control system.

The Google Play Music partnership follows Samsung's failed attempt to launch its on Milk music service.

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