Friday, April 7, 2017

Google launches its streaming music service in India | UNLIMITED | CMU


Hands up who remembered that Google has a streaming music service. No, not YouTube silly. I mean Google Play Music Through A Stream Unlimited Access All, or whatever it is that the web giant calls the music streaming element of its Google Play platform.

Well, those streams are now streaming to streamers in India, where Google Play Music initially went live last year, but originally only as a download store. Now the subscription streaming element is available too.

Spotify is yet to launch in India, which remains an emerging market for the global record industry, but one which many reckon could be a key territory in the relatively near future. Apple Music is live in the country, though the global streaming music brands have to compete with some established locally-based services, of which Saavn has probably enjoyed the most attention outside of India.

At launch in India Google is offering a “discounted subscription offer” of Rs89 a month, approximately £1.10, after which the subscription rate with be Rs99 rupees, or £1.23, which is in line with the India-based streaming set-ups but a little cheaper than Apple Music.


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