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Eight Things Every Musician Website Must Have | Music Think Tank

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Want to step up your game and get more gigs and recognition in the music scene, but no one seems to be replying to your emails to check you out on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook or Twitter? Make a website! Websites are ideal for musicians to have because they host everything that a fan or promoter needs to have in order to know what you’re about. Here are eight things every musician needs to have on their website.

An About Page
An about page is one of the most important things to have on your website because a good one is sometimes all it takes for people to get an understanding of who you are. Start your about page with a short sentence or two describing your sound. If you’ve had articles written about you, throw a quote here! Underneath should be a lengthy bio about your history, experiences, and accomplishments. Typically, promoters will take a piece of your bio to put on their event pages or flyers so you have to make sure it’s perfect.

Press Quality Photos
Having high-quality photos of the band from either shows or photo shoots are important because if you’re pitching your band you want to look as cool and professional as possible.

Whether it’s from Vimeo or YouTube, having videos of your band on your website is great to have. Videos show your chemistry as a band on stage and your personality on your downtime. Make sure your videos are easily shareable to social media platforms as well.

Social Media
Social media is the best way to keep a following of fans and promoters connected to you. If you don’t have social media you need to, and making sure your social media is easily accessible on your website in the form of widgets is just as important.

Your Music
This should not even be a question. You have to have your music on your website and it’s pretty easy to do it by embedding it into your website from any music streaming service like Spotify, Soundcloud or Itunes.

Contact Info
Having a contact form on your website for people to connect to you through email, but having your phone number as well means that you are more approachable. We live in a generation of texting so make sure people know you are text friendly!

Upcoming Shows
Let people know when and where they can see you play. There are so many artists that I discover that I want to know when they are coming to town, or what festivals they might be playing. Having an updated concert calendar is really important.

Merch Store
Sometimes fans want something tangible from artists like a t-shirt, sticker or vinyl. Having a merch store with good prices on your website will also make you more professional looking to promoters that are hoping you’ll bring a good crowd to their venue.

Following these eight things that every musician needs to have on a website will take your image from amateur to professional and give you something you’ll be proud to share with promoters.  


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