Monday, April 17, 2017

Discogs Attacked By Pirate Spam On Two Fronts | hypebot

image from pbs.twimg.comPopular crowdsourced music database Discogs is being attacked on two fronts - one by pirates posting links to illegal downloads and the other by an anti-piracy outfit filing takedown demands for thousands of legitimate links.


image from upload.wikimedia.orgMusic database Discogs is under attack from two different and difficult to combat kinds of spam.  Hundreds of fake movie and TV links to lesser known pirate sites have been posted on the platform, and several anti-piracy companies are attempting to delist thousands of legitimate Discog links from Google.

Discogs has crowdsourced listings of 8,400,000 recordings and 5,000,000 artists, with an emphasis on electronic and dance, and a marketplace of 23 million titles for sale.

According to anti-piracy company Rivendell, Discogs is a hub of pirate activity. For several weeks, Rivendell has been bombarding Google with requests to delist thousands of legitimate Discogs URLs, according to TorrentFreak, saying that the site infringes its clients’ copyrights. For now,  Google appears to be rejecting most of the takedown requests.

Discogs is also being attacked on another front. The music site is being used by spammers to promote ‘pirate’ downloads with many pages of results linking to TV shows like The Walking Dead and Hollywood movies.

So far, Discogs has not commented on the attacks.


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