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BACKLINE with Drummer Extraordinaire Alicia Warrington | hypebot

1In this edition of CASH Music's Backline, drumming success story Alicia Warrington takes us behind the scenes and shares her preferences for hardware, software, and a dream setup.


Guest post by Alicia Warrington of CASH Music

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey! Alicia Warrington here. I have played drums for a few different people. If you have kids around your house (or you are a closeted Disney fan) you might have seen me on the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” w/ Miley Cyrus, or on video with Selena Gomez OR back in the day, drumming for Kelly Osbourne on MTV’s “The Osbournes” tv show.

I’ve been playing for years, with artists like: Lillix, Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), The Dollyrots, Uh Huh Her, Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Chris Rene (X-Factor), Tracy Chapman, Colton Dixon(American Idol) and for the past 3 years, I have been drumming for British singer, Kate Nash.

Currently, you can catch me with Detroit Garage-Rock Queens…Gore Gore Girls and with my solo DEATH METAL project,DOHRN. OH! And I also host my own YouTube web series, that starts in May! It’s called, “Heavy Wrestle". Yeah, it’s true…I’m also a HUGE wrestling nerd. Pro Wrestling, Indie Wrestling. Just…wrestling.

Phew! Sounds like I’m all over the place. It’s always been like this, I’VE always been like this. I grew up listening to all types of music and that followed me into adulthood and into my professional career. I basically listen to everything from Dolly Parton to Lamb Of God.

What hardware do you use?

I was confused by this question but then, I looked at your other interviews and like Janet Weisssaid, “Funny to ask a drummer about hardware because to us that is a literal question”, but you mean EVERYTHING. Well, my main drum kit is a Ludwig Custom Maple: 22” 12” 18” with either a 14” Hammered Brass snare or a 13” Maple Snare. Ludwig double-braced hardware. Depending on the gig, I also use a 10” Ludwig Epic side snare. I LOVE snare drums. I have quite a few for recording and whatnot. One of my favs is a 1970’s Ludwig Marching snare. I always end up with bruises when I use that one. Haha.

Cymbals! I am in love with Paiste. My usual setup: 18” Signature Crash, 19” 2002 Crash, 22” 2002 Crash (instead of a ride) and 14” Twenty Custom Hi-Hats. I’m also a fan of my 18” Thin Alpha Swiss and 22” Blue Bell Ride.

I use coated Aquarian Drumheads! Impact III on my Kick, Hi-Velocity, Hi-Impact and Studio-X on my snares, Response II on my toms. Aquarians are the best for me because, they are super durable and excellent on tuning.

Pro-Mark is my stick of choice. I use the Anton Fig model with the “Warrington Custom” adjustments. Haha. I have them double-dipped in black ActiveGrip…helps with extra stick control. And finally, I use K-Brakes…which are amazing and fit on the end of your kick legs to keep it in place. It doesn’t move ANYWHERE with these things on (and I beat the hell out of my drums).

And what software?

At home, I record with Logic Pro-X. I HATE reading directions or having someone teach me gear and this program was pretty easy to me to figure out. It sounds great and gets the job done. I also use Apogee Maestro 2, Duet audio interface, Arturia Analog Lab midi-controller and JBL powered studio monitors.

What would be your dream setup?

A Ludwig Legacy Mahogany kit with either, onyx or white marine finish

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