Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Warner launches streaming-only label | UNLIMITED | CMU

Warner Music

Warner Music UK has launched a new streaming-only record label, Artists To Watch Records. Despite the slightly clunky name, the new venture is an interesting idea. It will seek to identify songs that have the potential to become hits on the streaming platforms and will then work with the artists behind those tracks to try to make that happen.

The new company will be led by Kieron Donoghue, who has been working on streaming and playlist-related stuff for the major ever since it bought his Playlists.net company in 2014. So far, the new imprint has already led Swedish producer Marc to twelve million plays for his single ‘Show You Light’.

Donoghue will report in to Warner Bros UK president Phil Christie in relation to the new label, who says: “Kieron has a great perspective on the streaming marketplace and the fact that hit tracks can now come from almost anywhere. Artists To Watch Records will find fresh talent, react quickly and harness the power of streaming to help create big hits”.

Donoghue himself adds: “Phil has been instrumental in helping this innovative imprint take shape and I’m looking forward to delivering some smash hits”.

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