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Every musician has a certain style and preference, and for DJs, being different is what it’s going to take to make you stand out in the industry. One way an artist does this is by using and discovering new gear. Gear not only increases productivity but also can add new elements to your sound. Here’s some of the most innovative equipment for DJs to look out for.
Roli Blocks
We were all blown away when Roli introduced their RISE line because it completely expanded the functionality of the midi keyboard. Well, we should have expected nothing short of innovation from them because they did it again with their 2017 NAMM release of BLOCKS; a music pad that is perfect for the musician on the go. Some great features about BLOCKS are its portability as well as it being a unit that you can expand as you grow.
Akai MPC Live
Akai is one of the most budget-friendly brands on the market and is well renowned for their quality as well as their innovative products. One product line that Akai has had great success with is their MPC line. The MPC Live is a stand-alone production unit that gives artists traditional capabilities such as drum pads, manual volume with modern capabilities such as flawless touch screen, which keeps it up to date with modern technology. MPC Live gives you the flexibility of producing on the go as well as being something to use for live performance.
Pioneer Toraiz AS-1
Pioneer is a staple and has been around in the music industry since DJ’s started rising up out of the underground. The Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 is a new release that is an analog synth designed by Dave Smith. The Toraiz AS-1 is the perfect analog synth for stage performance, production or on the go production due to its small compact size and price.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol
The Native instruments Traktor Kontrol line has been well-known in the DJ world for quite some time now. Though they have not released a new product to the line in some time, it can be anticipated that they will, and it will be something completely groundbreaking. The Traktor Kontrol is one of the best DJ controllers on the market and is perfect for any artist because of its Stems sampling system.
Denon DJ VL-12
Record scratchers unite! This turntable by Denon is everything a DJ could ever ask for in turntable. Denon is known for their attention to details and they really show that on this piece of gear with its user-friendly features such as acoustic isolating feet and one of the best adjustable talk features in any turntable on the market.
One of the greatest parts of being a musician is trying to stand out, and staying up to date with the latest and best gear is one way of doing that. Next time you’re in the market for new DJ gear, try one of these products by some of the industry’s leading brands.


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