Monday, March 20, 2017

The State Of Music Videos In 2017 | hypebot

1Although the days of MTV actually playing music videos are long behind us, they remain an important and highly present element of the music industry, but how have music videos, and they way they are received by audiences, changed over the years?


In this recent post on MusicThinkTank, Ryan De looks at how the music video has evolved over time, and where it stands in 2017.

"...there’s never been a better time for home video production. The bottom line to consider is the overall budget of digital distribution, and understand the principal of quality. 

If an artist can save up to produce something of higher quality, in the end, the return will significantly improve. Music videos are especially true of this. The impression of a professionally made video is much more likely to stay on the screen versus something made on iMovie."

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