Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Songkick Announces Shazam Integration, New Stats | hypebot

Songkick_logoSongkick is now integrated within the hugely popular Shazam app. Songkick's database of million concerts and events is being rolled out today to Shazam users worldwide. 



Teased late last year, the new Songkick integration allows Shazam users to access concert dates as part of the app's recently launched “Discover” feature. “Discover” is curated by a user's music taste and updated daily to include cards of new songs, videos, playlists and now Songkick concert data.  Users Shazam songs over 20 million times each day.

"When an artist announces a tour, fans who live near the venue will see a relevant concert card as part of their 'Discover' experience," said Fabio Santini, Chief Product Officer at Shazam. 

Songkick cards are integrated into Android 7.6, and iOS 10.6; and available to all users beginning today. Users  must enable location permissions on their devices to access the feature.


New Stats

11,000 new events are listed on the platform each week, according to the Songkick; and they are accessed by 15 million fans on its site and via partnerships with Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Shazam and others.

“We’re constantly innovating to make the live music experience better, and this is a great example of how we’re utilizing Songkick’s extensive data to enhance the fan experience,” said Matt Jones, CEO of Songkick. “Songkick and Shazam are both dedicated to making music fans’ lives easier, and we’re excited to see the impact of this enhanced discovery experience.”

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