Friday, March 31, 2017

Phase 1 of Amazon's Plan For Live Music: VIP Ticket Deals, Seating For Amazon Prime Members | hypebot

Amazon TicketsAmazon had very publicly said it can make the live music experience better.  It's also promised that it has no intention of getting in secondary ticketing (at least for now...).  So, what does 'internet first' Amazon have planned to disrupt the live music industry?  This week we found out their initial salvo.


Amazon Tickets

Amazon Prime has added yet another perk to their Amazon Prime service and members can now buy VIP tickets for concerts, festivals and live events at venues and events in the UK.  And we're betting that a U.S. rollout will follow soon.

Amazon Tickets, which launched in 2015, is now offering subscribers access to special VIP at select venues, including the O2 and Wembley's SSE Arena, which now feature dedicated Amazon lounges. The O2 also added the Amazon Deck, a special seating area replete with seatside waiter service.

The offers extend to festival as well, where members can pony up for special treatment such as a complimentary glass of champagne and access to special VIP areas. Participating events include British Summer Time Hyde Park, Live at Chelsea and Kew the Music, all in London.

The service is also offering early access to tickets for select tours and festivals, including including Art Garfunkel, the Darkness and Sparks. At current, most of the items on offer are focused on the London metropolitan region but if the program proves to be a hit with fans, we expect to see it rolled out in other markets as well.

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