Monday, March 13, 2017

Pandora Premium $9.99 On Demand Streaming To Launch Wednesday | hypebot

Pandora-new-logo-image-001Pandora (NYSE: P) announced today that its $9.99 Spotify-like on-demand streaming tier, Pandora Premium, will launch this week. Invites for a free trial will be sent to select users on Wednesday, March 15 and an option to upgrade will be available to all listeners over the coming weeks.


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Rolling out this Wednesday, Pandora Premium combines the music streamer's existing personalized radio-like service with the ability to search and play any track or album, alongside special playlist features tailored to their personal preferences.

Pandora listeners who start a trial will see all of their stations and thumbed up songs and a visually stunning “Now Playing” experience, which pulls a signature color from the album art and changes as each track plays. Innovative new features are designed to make finding and collecting music and building playlists easy:

  • Playlists, not worklists: Start a playlist with one or two songs of your choice, tap “Add Similar Songs” and put the power of Pandora’s Music Genome Project to work to create the perfect playlist for any activity, mood or party.
  • All your thumbs up: Every song you’ve thumbed up on Pandora is immediately available in your “My Thumbs Up” playlist. Thumb up a few tracks on any Pandora radio station and Premium will automatically create a new playlist of these songs too.
  • New music for you... and only you: Browse is stocked with personalized suggestions for the latest releases from current and soon-to-be favorites whether you listen to classical, metal, jazz, hip hop, country, and everything in between.
  • Offline mode: Download albums, songs stations or playlists you want and bring an end to those moments of deafening silence when you lose a signal.
  • Search that knows you: Pandora’s team of curators, music analysts and data scientists have sifted through tens of millions of tracks to help you quickly find what you really want. No more wading through covers, karaoke versions or tribute tracks to get to your favorite tune.

Existing Pandora Plus subscribers will enjoy six months of Premium for no additional charge. Trial lengths for existing Pandora ad-supported listeners and those new to Pandora vary. Premium is available now on iOS and Android phones, Google Chromecast, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in cars from



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