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Latin America And The Ascent Of Digital Music [Exclusive White Paper] | hypebot

1A region packed to the brim with an outstanding array of original music from great acts, Latin America has also long been plagued with piracy, although the quick adoption of digital media could well be providing a cure to this behavior.


Guest post by Juliana Koranteng of Midem

When it comes to music entertainment, Latin America has always been a geographical album packed with track after track after track of original repertoire by great acts, ranging from veterans Gloria Estefan and Juan Gabriel to newcomers like Deltatron and Tomasa del Real.

The continent’s music business has been plagued by piracy for decades. However, fans’ rapid adoption of digital media, especially social media and streaming music platforms, could be the antidote. They’ve discovered digital access to quality recordings by amazing local and international acts thanks to several legal digital music services, from Spotify to Claro Musica. They are prepared to pay streaming’s subscription fees, promote the tours of their favourite artists and, during the process, made Latin America the fastest growing region in the global recorded music industry in 2015.

(1)In Midem’s new White Paper called Latin America: The Ascent of Digital Music, business journal MediaTainment Finance delves into why that part of the world deserves to shine under the global music industry’s spotlight in 2017. From information sourced via the IFPI, Nielsen Music, last year’s Midem events and exclusive interviews with experts, MediaTainment Finance shows how digital media and technology have provided a foundation on which the region is building a sturdy music sector.

Among the assets highlighted in this White Paper are the following facts:

  1. Latin America was the fastest growing region in the global recorded music industry in 2015 for the fifth consecutive year.
  2. Latin Americans are among the biggest consumers of social media and digital music worldwide.
  3. The creation of music-licensing hubs via the LatinAutor initiative has encouraged more international streaming platforms to enter the market.
  4. Numerous bundling deals with telecom operators have slashed piracy rates and offered high-quality access to copyrighted music.
  5. PLUS exclusive interviews with leading label executives and industry experts: Warner Music Latin America’s Iñigo Zabala; Lorena Valdés, of Vago Music&Entertainment; Brazilian indie-labels champion Carlos Mills; leading artist management entrepreneur Thiago Endrigo; Warner/Chappell Brasil’s Flávia Cesar; and industry consultant Bruno Boulay.

For more on why it is making more sense to do music business in the land that has been described as “the fastest growing digital region in the world”, read Latin America: The Ascent of Digital Music here

International journalist Juliana Koranteng is the London-based editor-in-chief of MediaTainment Finance - - a business journal that keeps track of investments in the global media, entertainment and creative industries

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