Friday, March 17, 2017

Inside the Exploding Business of Podcasting | Hear 2.0

Sure, it’s smaller than radio. But it’s growing. And revenue is growing fast.

I’m talking about podcasting.

And one of the hot new companies native to the space is Wondery, an audio on-demand company that just celebrated its first anniversary. It’s also the company I’m working with on my new series, Inside Psycho.

Hernan Lopez is the CEO/Founder of Wondery. Listen to our conversation and you’ll learn a lot about the space and its development.

Hear how the business of podcasting is growing and what’s ahead for the category.

Hear how Wondery creates content with “immersive audio” to differentiate from a crowded field of offerings.

And hear what lessons this former FOX TV International exec brings from the TV and video space to the world of audio.

I think this Q&A will be very useful for anyone in the audio space wondering where the category is going, why there’s so much interest in it, how the business is growing, and what it will take for radio stations to step into the space effectively.


(If you’re reading this by email, go here for the audio).

What attracted me to these guys was the fact that they came from TV. That means they come with a program-based mindset – one that appreciates the dynamics of serial programming and on-demand content. It also means they appreciate what it takes to make a hit and the value of cross-promotion. These are as important in audio as they are in video, I would argue.

Enjoy this top-level peek at the podcasting space from an entrepreneur who is betting everything on it.

And let me know what you think.


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