Thursday, March 16, 2017

Google Home Gives In To Ad Interruptions | Forrester

Today several users of Google Home -- Google's competitor to Amazon Echo with its Alexa intelligent agent -- reported that Google was inserting Beauty and the Beast movie promos into their conversations. Read The Verge's account of the details and see the tweet from user @brysonmeunier below:

It's surprising that Google is already testing this kind of interruption model for a couple of reasons. First, it's playing catch up to Amazon's much more mature intelligent speaker product and rocking the user boat with something so blatantly counter to the value of the category so soon feels foolhardy. That said, this will hardly cause a backlash so if it shows that Google is willing to test and refine its value proposition more rapidly than Amazon, that's not a terrible thing.

The main reason this is surprising is simple to express: It's a bad idea. Though I encourage testing and iteration and all that, this is not a hard one to predict in advance. People won't like it. They will feel hijacked. Their time and attention will feel hijacked and their trust will be eroded. That is not the way to lead consumers into the future of intelligent agents we are about to experience.

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