Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Certain Songs #833: Katrina and The Waves – “Walking on Sunshine” | Medialoper

Album: Katrina and The Waves
Year: 1985

Look, I know that you’re sick of it. I’m sick of it. I get that.

But if you if can get past the fact that like “I Feel Good,” it’s become less of a song than a metaphor for happiness in films, TV shows and commercials, then let’s never forget that the major contributor to Kimberly Rew’s retirement fund is also one hell of a pop song.

And in fact, “Walking on Sunshine” is such an awesome pop song that it deserves you being sick of it.

With a punked-up Motown beat, joyous horns and Katrina Leskanich’s singing-it-with-a-smile vocals, “Walking on Sunshine” is a pure up before it ever gets to the chorus, which gets over with every single “whoooooooa” Katrina belts out between the title.

“Walking on Sunshine” is now stuck in your head, isn’t it? Do you hate me yet? Heh.

But the part I like isn’t the verses or the ever-ascending chorus, but rather the bridge, which basically invokes The Handclap Rule to help support a rolling and tumbling Kimberly Rew guitar sting while Katrina just goes off about love and sunshine until gliding back into the chorus.

And don’t it feel good?

“Walking on Sunshine”

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