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‘Dragon Box’ Changes Business Model Following Hollywood Lawsuit | TorrentFreak

Earlier this year, several major Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix filed a lawsuit against Dragon Media Inc, branding it a supplier of pirate streaming devices.

Under the flag of the newly formed anti-piracy group ACE, the companies accused Dragon of using the Kodi media player in combination with pirate addons. As such, the company facilitates mass copyright infringement, it was argued.

While the lawsuit remains ongoing, the legal pressure prompted Dragon Box to take a good look at its business. With ACE filing lawsuits against several ‘streaming boxes,’ the problem was not going away anytime soon.

“It’s been a tough 9 months for the company and the industry,” the company writes in a Facebook message picked up by Cord Cutters News.

However, Dragon Box is not throwing in the towel. The company will change its business model and promises to continue serving the latest entertainment, albeit at a cost.

“Instead of closing our doors and shutting down all boxes and riding off into the sunset we decided that it was in the best interest of you the customers and the company to change our business model..,” Dragon Box writes.

The company adds that it will continue to try and bring customers “the best legal content we can and add in as many services we can to make Dragon Box the box that beats any competitors out there.”

While the announcement isn’t very concrete, a company representative informs TorrentFreak that they plan to officially announce their “Blend TV” subscription service next week.

This service, which has a similar website design as the box seller, is operated by uMedialink LLC and works on various platforms and devices. However, it does come with a subscription, starting at $39.95 per month for access to 65+ US Channels, including live sports streaming.

Blend TV’s channels

While Blend TV is not exactly a household name, its FAQ section notes that it is perfectly legal.

“Absolutely! BlendTV has the required rights and permission’s for the distribution of all our channels and movies on demand,” Blend TV’s website reads.

Dragon Box has also put up their boxes up for sale again. However, these are completely different to the ones that were offered last year. They are configured for easy access to Blend TV, and no longer come with Kodi and infringing add-ons pre-installed.

TorrentFreak spoke to someone familiar with the situation, who explained that this move was inevitable. The company believes that this change is in their own best interests and the interests of their customers.

Dragon Box still believes that online streaming is the future. And they hope that, by partnering with Blend TV, they can continue doing business without legal trouble.

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Out Today by The Orchard: Lupe Fiasco, Macy Gray & More | The Daily Rind

Leaves may be starting to fall, but great music is arising this week. Check out our new releases that will put you in the perfect mood to stroll down the color changing streets. We’ve got sultry jazz pop from your favorite 90’s goddess, Nordic rock metal fusion, and a rapper who is boldly back on scene,... Read more »

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Spotify Tests Personalization Of Editor Curated Playlists | hypebot

image from lydiayeh.files.wordpress.comSpotify is testing the addition of individually personalized tracks to existing editor curated playlists, multiple sources tell Hypebot. In one example, tracks which Spotfy's believes would fit the taste of a particular user were added  to an official Spotify hand curated workout playlist. 

The test is rolling out to select users globally and only on sme mid-tier playlists. If successful, the feature will be expanded to all users and  more playlists.

In addition to providing a more personalized experience, the feature could also help combat playlist burnout by delivering a continually evolving song list. 

image from


Attracting More Views On Your SoundCloud Releases | hypebot

2For musicians, growing a solid reputation on SoundCloud is key, as the platform provides opportunities to take their work to the next level, although the way in which they manage their account can often have as much of an impact on their success as the music itself.


Guest post by Bo Turner from the Repost Network

As an artist it’s really important that you build your reputation on SoundCloud as much as possible. The platform opens up so many doors for upcoming musicians to take their music to the next level. In many cases, the way in which an account owner displays and manages their music on SoundCloud arguably has a larger impact on their popularity than the music itself. Here are some notable tips taken directly from the official SoundCloud blog that can inform you on how to increase your SoundCloud plays.

Keep your Tracks and Profile Clean and Organized

It’s very important that all of your SoundCloud content is “tidy” and easy to follow. A navigable profile page will go such a long way for your audience and potential followers. Here’s how you can easily accomplish creating such a profile:

For one, make sure that your track names make sense and are easy to search. SoundCloud’s blog gives examples of good and bad track names:

Bad title: AllxxThexStars051418vfinal

Good title: All the Stars

Another aspect of your profile that should be focused on is your images and descriptions within your tracks. With every one of your uploads you should attempt to make your songs look as good as they sound. This means high resolution cover artwork, a consistency in information and style, and a thorough track description. A good description includes info such as a backstory, credits, collaborators, lyrics, and links to any features or accounts associated with the song.

Add Mood Tags and Genres to All of Your Tracks

SoundCloud’s blog reveals that the platform uses algorithms to suggest music to its users. If you want your music filtered into these recommended songs, you’re going to have to add accurate mood and genre tags to all of your releases. Select a main genre as well as some sub-genres to be tied to your songs, but keep in mind that it’s important that these descriptors are accurate. Having a few tags that relate to your track will be much more effective than adding a bunch of crazy random ones.

SoundCloud has launched a 2018 ad campaign centered around celebrating creators who’ve been discovered through their platform, which also presents a great promotional opportunity for artists who want more exposure. With this in mind, we recommend including the #SCFirst hashtag in your song description or on social media. For more information on the campaign feel free to read all about it here.

Create and Build a Discography

Within SoundCloud, it’s possible to organize a group of your released tracks into an album. By creating a playlist of your songs and marking them as either an album, EP, or compilation, users are able to easily access these lists at the album section of your profile. Your albums will be displayed based on release date to make it more convenient for page visitors to navigate. This looks great on your profile and adds another professional aspect to your account.

Make sure to edit your SoundCloud account as soon as possible to increase your number of streams and overall exposure!


Daily News Highlights: Friday, September 21, 2018 | The Daily Rind

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Universal and Elton John sign global deal covering records, publishing, merch and more | Music Business Worldwide

“Universal Music Group has evolved from a ‘label’ and ‘publisher’ into a broad-based global media and entertainment company…”

The words of Sir Lucian Grainge today – explaining why, and how, UMG is working with Sir Elton John, following a major new global agreement between the two parties.

The multi-faceted deal will see Universal Music Group take up responsibility for John’s worldwide recorded music, publishing, merchandise, brand management and licensing rights.

As a result, all of Elton John’s music for the rest of his recording career will be released through UMG.

The agreement, struck between UMG and Rocket Entertainment, also sees John’s entire, lucrative catalog looked after by Universal on both recordings and publishing.

It follows a similar recent, far-reaching global deal between UMG and the Rolling Stones.

The merch piece of UMG’s Elton John deal will be handled by Bravado, Universal’s own brand-management and merchandise company, which will work closely with Rocket to expand and develop global merchandising, branding and retail licensing opportunities around John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour.

“Lucian, Jody, David and the UMG family share the values that we hold dear – nurturing artistry, restless creativity and innovation.”

Sir Elton John

John, officially the most successful male solo artist in US Billboard chart history, said: “In UMG we’ve got the perfect partners to support all aspects of my creative endeavours.

“Lucian, Jody, David and the UMG family share the values that we hold dear – nurturing artistry, restless creativity and innovation. I’m proud and delighted to have them stand alongside me as I embark on the next phase of my career”

David Furnish, CEO of Rocket Entertainment, said: “During the time I’ve been CEO of Rocket our relationship with Universal has gone from strength to strength. Sir Lucian Grainge, Jody Gerson, David Joseph and their teams’ vision to bring Elton into the digital / streaming age and make his catalogue relevant to a younger generation is in perfect tandem with everything we strive to do day in, day out at Rocket.

“Elton’s hunger and desire to push himself creatively and collaborate with the best, most exciting creatives in the world is as great as ever, and Universal fully share our vision to keep Elton at the forefront of popular culture.”

“UMG has evolved from a ‘label’ and ‘publisher’ into a broad-based global media and entertainment company that is positioned to work at a far higher level and with greater impact with an artist of Elton’s caliber.”

Sir Lucian Grainge, UMG

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Group said: “Elton John is a creative cornerstone of UMG, which has been his home since his earliest days at MCA Records. In parallel with Elton’s stratospheric rise as an artist, UMG has evolved from a ‘label’ and ‘publisher’ into a broad-based global media and entertainment company that is positioned to work at a far higher level and with greater impact with an artist of Elton’s caliber.

“As he embarks on his monumental Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, we are excited for our entire global organization to stand alongside him, working hand in hand with David and his team at Rocket to ensure that his music continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world for generations to come.”

“Elton is a musical genius and simply one of the most talented songwriters in history.”

Jody Gerson, UMPG

Jody Gerson, UMPG’s Chairman & CEO, said: “Elton is a musical genius and simply one of the most talented songwriters in history. As we proudly continue our partnership together, UMPG remains deeply committed to growing the legacy of his legendary catalog and supporting future projects.

“As the influence of his music thrives through generations, Elton continues to be a timeless source of inspiration for songwriters and fans alike.”

“We adore working with Elton.”

David Joseph, Universal Music UK

David Joseph, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music UK, said: “We adore working with Elton, naturally because he’s one of the greatest artists in the world with songs which connect with every generation, but also for his unrivalled support and championing of new artists.

“Since David became CEO of Rocket [in 2015], he’s brought a new energy and perspective which has made our partnership more ambitious, innovative and collaborative than it has ever been.”

Mat Vlasic, CEO of Bravado, said: “Bravado sits at the crossroads of music and fashion and we are constantly pushing the limits of what we can do for our artists. It’s an honor to work with Elton- a legendary icon who continues to brilliantly weave music and fashion together while constantly elevating his aesthetic to new heights.

“His influence on fashion has not only inspired designers around the world, including our own, but he has empowered generations of fans to take license with their own freedom of expression, something that I have always admired and greatly appreciated. We are excited to create something that celebrates his legacy and that his fans will treasure for years to come.”

Some of the world’s biggest artists have recorded cover versions of songs written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, resulting in two albums released in April: Revamp (Virgin EMI/Island Records) and the country music companion Restoration (MCA Nashville).

Miley Cyrus, The Killers, Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Q-Tip, Lady Gaga, Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, Ed Sheeran and Queens Of The Stone Age all contributed recordings to the albums.Music Business Worldwide


Ticketmaster Responds To Scalper Collusion Exposé | hypebot

Ticket scalpingAfter an undercover investigation appeared to show that, contrary to an anti-scalping pubic posture, Ticketmaster is courting ticket brokers and profiting from them, the Live Nation owned ticketing giant has responded.



"We do not condone the statements made by the employee as the conduct described clearly violates our terms of service."

The full statement from Ticketmaster:

“It is categorically untrue that Ticketmaster has any program in place to enable resellers to acquire large volumes of tickets at the expense of consumers. Ticketmaster’s Seller Code of Conduct specifically prohibits resellers from purchasing tickets that exceed the posted ticket limit for an event.  In addition, our policy also prohibits the creation of fictitious user accounts for the purpose of circumventing ticket limit detection in order to amass tickets intended for resale.

“A recent CBC story found that an employee of Ticketmaster’s resale division acknowledged being aware of some resellers having as many as 200 (Ticketmaster) TradeDesk accounts for this purpose We do not condone the statements made by the employee as the conduct described clearly violates our terms of service.

“The company had already begun an internal review of our professional reseller accounts and employee practices to ensure that our policies are being upheld by all stakeholders. Moving forward we will be putting additional measures in place to proactively monitor for this type of inappropriate activity.”

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