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Glassnote signs global alliance with Kobalt’s AWAL, leaves behind major label system | Music Business Worldwide

Big news: Glassnote, one of the most successful independent music companies in the world, is now in a global partnership with Kobalt’s AWAL.

The agreement sees the recorded music operation of Glassnote, which was founded by Daniel Glass in 2007, exit its prior worldwide distribution agreement with Universal Music Group.

Glassnote’s roster includes the likes of Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, CHVRCHES, Childish Gambino, The Strumbellas and Jade Bird.

Glassnote will now work in tandem with AWAL globally across marketing, radio promotion, and digital and physical distribution – and will also benefit from its new partner’s data analytics platform.

“It is truly a landmark day in the music industry and for the future of Glassnote as this progressive alliance and relationship with Kobalt becomes a reality,” said Glassnote President & Founder Daniel Glass.

“For our artists, it’s the same team and family they have always been a part of, with exciting new additions from a company on the cutting edge of music’s future.”

“It is truly a landmark day in the music industry and for the future of Glassnote.”

Daniel Glass, Glassnote (pictured)

“We’re writing an important new chapter in the history of the music industry – proving together that it’s possible to break global superstars outside the old system,” said Willard Ahdritz, Founder and CEO of Kobalt Music.

“When Lonny, Laurent and I looked at the current landscape of relevant independent labels, Glassnote stood out as an ideal partner, as we both put talent at the center of our business. I’m looking forward to working with Daniel, a real music man, and the Glassnote team.”

“We’re writing an important new chapter in the history of the music industry – proving together that it’s possible to break global superstars outside the old system.”

Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt

Glassnote, with a Grammy-winning artist roster, has been hailed as the “Best Indie Label” by Rolling Stone, “Label of the Year” at the A2IM Libera Awards and the “#1 Independent Label” by Billboard.

It appears likely that the campaign for Mumford & Sons’ new album Delta, which was released today (November 16) will remain in the UMG system for now.

AWAL works with a collection of well-known independent artists including Lauv, Rex Orange County, Tom Misch, R3HAB, Deadmau5, Freya Ridings, The Wombats, Bruno Major, and more.

AWAL CEO Lonny Olinick added, “After a highly successful year with four top 10 UK records, landing three artists on the U.S. top 50 radio chart, and pushing Lauv over a 1.5 billion streams globally, we couldn’t be more excited to build on that success with Glassnote. This partnership is a testament to our achievements and Glassnote recognizes our global approach and operational ability. With our commitment to breaking and growing artist careers, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together in the future.”

Kobalt Music President and Chief Revenue Officer, Laurent Hubert noted, “Daniel has created one of the greatest independent labels in the world. This strategic partnership pairs two artist-first companies that will open a door for a whole new wave of global artists.”Music Business Worldwide


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US Court Lists ‘DNS’ and ‘Routing’ Services in Broad Anti-Piracy Order | TorrentFreak

In recent years, a wide variety of companies have filed lawsuits against sellers of pirate set-top boxes.

Several of these cases target devices that cater to the Asian market and haven’t received a lot of press, but a recent order against the company behind the BTV set-top box caught our eye.

The case in question was filed by a group of rightsholders including Asia TV, Star India, Viacom18, and Dish Network. In their complaint, they accuse Hong Kong-based ‘Dibia Networks Limited’ of running a pirate broadcasting network by retransmitting copyrighted channels.

“Dibia has built its business model around blatant copyright infringement, brazenly advertising and promoting the capability of the BTV device to provide users with infringing streams of the Copyrighted Programs,” it reads.

As is often the case in piracy-related lawsuits, Dibia did not defend itself. As a result, the rightsholders moved for a default judgment which includes a rather broad permanent injunction.

The companies requested the maximum statutory damages for 44 separate TV episodes and that is exactly what they got. In a recent order, New York District Court Judge George Daniels awarded a total of $6.6 million in damages.

It’s questionable whether the rightsholders will ever see a penny, but an associated permanent junction gives them a lot of options to make sure that the BTV set-top boxes remain offline.

Aside from restraining Dibia from engaging in any infringing activities, it directs domain name registrars and registries to disable BTV’s websites, and transfer the domains to the rightsholders. This includes, which has been signed over to Dish Network.

These domain takeovers are not new but the injunction goes further than that, mentioning various third-party intermediaries who are compelled to cut their ties with servers or sites that are linked to BTV the boxes or apps.

This includes companies that are involved in “sales, distribution, shipping or logistics services,” for the set-top boxes, but also “back-end service providers, service providers routing traffic or providing bandwidth, content delivery networks, and domain name server systems,” for the associated sites.

This order is rather broad, particularly in respect of the companies that route traffic, which could include the Tier1 networks that form the Internet’s backbone. The term ‘DNS systems’ can be interpreted broadly as well, adding virtually every ISP into the mix.

Whether this is the intention of the rightsholders is unclear, as they list CloudFlare, Incapsula, and DNSPod as examples. The latter two don’t offer DNS servers, but host DNS entries for customers instead.

From the injunction

The injunction goes on to mention several other third-party intermediaries, including “content hosting websites,” “domain name registration privacy protection services,” “providers of social media services,” “user-generated and online content services,” and “data security services.”

Again, it lists examples of services that are covered by the language above, such as GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

While the language is very broad, we have to keep in mind that this is a default judgment. The defendant chose not to fight the case, and none of the mentioned intermediaries had their say.

At the time of writing, there is no indication that any of these intermediaries are being or will be approached to enforce the order. This may not be needed, as BTV’s websites appear to be offline.

That said, the order opens the door for similar broad requests.

Interestingly, this is not the first time this kind of language has been seen in US courts. The MPAA’s member studios previously requested a similar order in their case against MovieTube. However, this didn’t make it into the final permanent injunction, as happened here.

At the time, the EFF warned that such an order would give movie studios “the power to force practically every Internet company within the reach of U.S. law to help them disappear the MovieTube websites.”

In the present case, the order passed quietly. RapidTVNews picked it up this week, but surprisingly little attention is being paid to the order thus far.

A copy of the default judgment and injunction is available here (pdf).

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN reviews, discounts, offers and coupons.


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