Friday, October 23, 2020

Quincy Jones invests in music/tech startup Musimap | Music Ally

Quincy Jones is no stranger to the world of music/tech startups: he founded music video-on-demand service Qwest TV, which launched three years ago.

Now he’s also investing in another startup, Musimap, which describes itself as an “emotional artificial intelligence” company, with a lead product called MusiMe which is a “psycho-emotional profiling engine”.

Essentially it analyses people’s listening to try to understand their personality (“Is your customer self-aware or spiritual? Does he like exercise or travelling? Our emotion-sensitive algorithm can predict automatically all this and more from the music he loves…” as its website explains it.)

Jones will become an advisor to the company, as part of an investment round that also includes funding from accelerator LeanSquare and former Dolby International boss Andreas Spechtler.

For more on Musimap, read our 2018 interview with Vincent Favrat, the then-CEO of Musimap – who would also become an early investor and advisor for Qwest TV.

Stuart Dredge


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