Thursday, October 29, 2020

Former WME exec Marc Geiger to invest in independent venues | Music Ally

Marc Geiger was the music boss at talent agency WME, before leaving earlier this year. Now he’s setting up to invest in a network of independent music venues across the US.

Geiger has founded a company called SaveLive and raised $75m to invest in venues and small clubs, taking 51% ownership of them in the process. “The hope here is to create a network effect,” he told the New York Times. “To be a long-term backer, helper, grower of these businesses, and enjoy the wins.” Talks are apparently underway with a number of venues, although the first deals have yet to be announced.

Geiger’s initiative comes after a high-profile ‘Save Our Stages’ campaign led by the National Independent Venue Association in the US, which has focused on relief to prevent venues from closing. With independence so key, it’s understandable that Geiger will be fielding questions about what he plans to do with his network of venues once the live music is firing on all cylinders again in the US.


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Stuart Dredge


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