Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Metallica preps drive-in gig with $115 ‘per vehicle’ tickets | Music Ally

$115 to see Metallica? We know concerts are in short supply, but this is outrageo… Oh wait. Metallica’s upcoming concert does cost $115 for a ticket, but that ticket covers a vehicle with up to six people: potentially just over $19 per head, which is actually rather good value.

The band are the latest artist to take part in the Encore Drive-In Nights series of concerts at drive-in cinemas in the US and Canada – and the first non-country act.

Encore Live, which is running the concerts, says that it attracted more than 500,000 fans to its first two events, spread across the various cinemas where the concerts were shown.

Metallica will be filming their performance in California, with the promise that it’ll be edited and mixed “to the highest standards possible” before airing.

Oh, and each $115 vehicle ticket will include four downloads of the band’s ‘S&M2’ album, which comes out this month. That’s interesting: one of the first times we’ve seen music downloads bundled into a drive-in concert.

Stuart Dredge

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