Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Latest Ninja Tune podcast discusses the climate emergency | Music Ally

The Covid-19 crisis has taken a lot of the attention away from the music industry’s discussion of the climate emergency, and what it can do to help tackle it.

Those efforts are still going on though, and the latest episode of label Ninja Tune’s podcast explores some of the issues.

It sees Ninja Tune MD Peter Quicke, Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle and Fay Milton from the band Savages talking about Music Declares Emergency, the coalition that they co-founded.

“The climate crisis really is coming through to the consciousness in the industry,” says Badiali. “If we make ourselves clean then we can speak out and demand that others do the same,” adds Quicke (who gave a speech on this topic at the AIM Connected conference back in February).

You can listen to the full episode – recorded pre-Covid-19 lockdown – here.

Stuart Dredge


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