Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Streaming’s latest challenge is ‘fake features’ on tracks | Music Ally

Spotify’s management team must quiver every time they see the word ‘fake’ deployed in a headline, given past controversies around ‘fake artists‘, ‘fake albums‘ and ‘fake streams‘ on the service. But here we are with another one for the list: fake features.

OneZero has a story about how “scammers are gaming Spotify by faking collaborations with famous artists“. It has uncovered some examples where unknown artists appear to have put music on Spotify (via distributors) claiming to have more popular artists as featured guests either when they are not, or when they’ve simply pasted in a verse from one of the bigger artists’ tracks. “If the fabricated metadata sneaks past whatever safeguards the third-party site may have in place, as well the ‘featured’ artist’s team, Spotify’s algorithm will do the rest, placing your duplicitous ditty in prime spots across the platform,” suggested OneZero. Including on that ‘featured’ artist’s profile page which, we think, could also see tracks parachuting into their followers’ weekly ‘Release Radar’ playlists.

Stuart Dredge


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