Monday, June 1, 2020

Fans can get artist Alice Chater’s outfits… in Animal Crossing | Music Ally

We’ve mentioned the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons several times in this bulletin recently, mainly because it’s one of the chosen stress-busters for several members of the Music Ally team. But it’s also a fascinating cultural thing, including the ability for players to design their own clothing and share it for free with the wider community. That can include brands and fashion designers creating what’s essentially free virtual merchandise (oh, and us: we did that too!). It’s also ripe for artists whose fans are playing Animal Crossing.

One of the first examples we’ve seen is Alice Chater, who’s signed to Virgin EMI. Her new single is called ‘Two Of Us’, and its music video was released yesterday with Alice sporting a distinctive outfit. Later today, a version of the outfit will be made available in Animal Crossing via the game’s system of ‘design codes’. It’s no one-off: every week, a new outfit from one of Chater’s videos will be made available. It’s a neat piece of fan-service in one of 2020’s most interesting games.

Stuart Dredge


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