Monday, June 1, 2020

Dice boss on ‘20 things we’ve learned about livestreaming’ | Music Ally

British mobile-ticketing firm Dice is one of the startups most affected by the Covid-19 impact, but the company has been pivoting during the pandemic to focus on livestreams. Now its CEO Phil Hutcheon has published an article about 20 things Dice has learned about music livestreaming, which we think has some practical, helpful advice for artists considering going live online.

Among his tips: have a concept or theme; build anticipation; make sure there’s interaction with fans; don’t make it mobile-only; don’t skimp on audio and video equipment; create limited-edition merchandise; and do multiple sets or reloops for different timezones.

There are also some memorable stats: from the claim that “there are over 20,000 music livestreams a week” (!) to the fact that more than 90% of viewers of Lewis Capaldi’s recent concert watched it from start to finish. “Paid live streams are more impactful than free,” wrote Hutcheon. “While audience numbers will be smaller with a paid live stream, fans are highly engaged and committed to watching the entire event.” He also warns artists not to under-price their event: “The most successful events on DICE are over £10/$10. Fans know the money is going directly to the artist” (and ideally also to charities via add-on donations) “and that’s very important to them”.

Stuart Dredge


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