Monday, June 1, 2020

5 Tips For Music Promotion On Soundcloud | Music Think Tank

If you are not exploring SoundCloud as part of your strategy to promote your music, then you should have a rethink. SoundCloud is a community of music lovers and also an amazing location for music promotion. SoundCloud is known for its ability to help upcoming artist gain their first audience, it is a place where you share tracks and interact with fellow music lovers. 
The major challenge about this platform is that it has almost 20 million music creators on the platform, hence getting upfront or standing out requires hard work. Don’t feel discouraged - thousands of people are still making it big on the platform every day. This article presents good tips to improve your profile on SoundCloud.

Consider SoundCloud and Google SEO

Seo is also important in SoundCloud, this a very important step in your branding and marketing strategy. The audience should be able to easily identify your music and find you on different platforms. Unfortunately, people won’t be able to find you when you don’t put out any information on your song.
For example, your title and tags should be clear and simple, make it look good and easy to read. A good optimized title and tags will not just make it easy for your fans to find you, your music may get a good ranking on google. 
Social Boss is an amazing place to buy SoundCloud audience, this will solve your marketing troubles to a great length. Your new audiences will help you to share your music with more potential fans increasing your chances of becoming a superstar.
Make great music 

Even if you eventually crack the code and millions of music lovers flock into your page to listen to your track, if your music isn’t great, you will be causing great chaos this is because when next your release another track nobody will be interested in checking it out. So we advise that you take your time to write and produce amazing music before putting it out on the air.
Sync up your social media 

You may have great music but if there is no audience to listen then your hard work may not pay. You should employ the strategy of coordinating your social media platforms. For example; release your videos on YouTube, increase your brand awareness on Instagram, and get more interactive with your fans on twitter. Most listeners who follow you on one of these platforms are more likely to follow you on the other platforms.
Share your music

You need to develop the attitude of sharing your SoundCloud tracks. Whenever you release a new track, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, post it on YouTube or Tumblr, and also send out some tweets. You can also send your music to SoundCloud users who are not following, sharing is an important strategy to go viral. 
Know your demographics

After creating and sharing your music, you need to know how they are doing, you need to get feedback. This will help you immensely to improve either your marketing strategy, campaign, or rework on your track. There is no better way to do this than SoundCloud analytics, this tool allows you to access data regarding your music performance on the platform. This also includes the demographic of your listeners. 



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