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The Orchard Presents: Brendan Benson

By Meredith Nadeau May 19, 2020

The Orchard Presents: Brendan Benson

A producer, songwriter, band member, solo artist, Brendan Benson has been making music in one way or another since day one. Well, maybe day 2920… (he was eight years old when he recalls first learning guitar). 

Brendan’s solo career began in 1996 with the release of his debut album One Mississippi. He continued producing and songwriting for himself and others releasing Laplaco and Alternative To Love before co-founding the legendary rock group The Raconteurs, alongside Jack White, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. The “Steady As She Goes” band skyrocketed in 2006 and remained silent while members continued with separate projects until 2019. Their return was remarkable with their highly-anticipated full-length Help Us Stranger, charting #1 chart and receiving  rave reviews. 

In the prime of musical resurgence, Brendan Benson releases his solo album Dear Life alongside Third Man Records. Having written and produced much of The Raconteurs’ albums, fans can find many similarities but also stark differences. The tone is more vibrant in comparison to the acid washed retro sound of the foursome, often experimenting with horns and brass. The title personifies the content, an ode to life, as Brendan reflects on his own experiences, values, and hopes. 

Leading up to the release of Dear Life, Brendan stopped by The Orchard offices for an acoustic performance. Enjoy the video of the performance below and listen to the complete album, Dear Life, out now.

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