Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Popgun takes its AI-powered Splash music-making app to Roblox | Music Ally

We’ve written regularly about Australian AI-music startup Popgun, including its belief that AI could be the secret sauce for a service “where teenagers come together to make music for each other… the ‘pop stars on training wheels’ place where they make music for each other, release it and watch each other pretend to be pop stars, but then go on to become legitimate pop stars”.

We also covered its launch of an app called Splash, using AI-generated beats and loops, to help kids make music. Now Popgun has turned Splash into a game for Roblox, the gaming platform with 115 million active users, including LOTS of children.

It takes the form of a virtual club – “Club Splash” – where people can DJ for their friends and other Roblox players by using Splash’s sound packs in genres including hip-hop, trap and dubstep. They can buy avatar clothing and stage props, while earning ‘fame’ and coins from their micro (sub-one-minute) sets.

The Roblox version of Splash launched quietly earlier this month, and it’s already had more than 93,000 visitors. Popgun CEO Stephen Phillips told us that it had nearly 20,000 yesterday alone. “The top players have spent more than 20 hours in-game in the five days to reach the top of the leaderboard,” he added.

Ready to see Music Ally strutting our superstar DJ stuff? Here’s a video of our (doomed) efforts to be down with the Roblox club kids…



Stuart Dredge

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