Thursday, May 21, 2020

Midia Research suggests principles for virtual concerts | Music Ally

It’s becoming clear that while music concerts will return this year, they’ll be very different, depending on how social-distancing rules evolve in various countries. Meanwhile, there’s been a flurry of activity around livestreams and virtual concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic, which looks set to continue. How might all of this evolve?

Midia Research has some thoughts: a blog post suggesting that virtual concerts “should build a clearly delineated, freemium product framework” (yes, there’s a graph for that) including plenty of paid experiences. It sets out some principles for making that happen, including: scarcity (“fewer gigs, geo-restricted” like Laura Marling’s upcoming concerts); better production quality; more sophisticated monetisation and segmentation of shows; better platform segmentation (“big tech platforms can play the role of stadiums and arenas while off-portal destinations like artist apps can host smaller, scarcer, super-premium events”) and better discovery (“the equivalent of the TV EPG needs creating for virtual concerts”). Plenty of food for thought there.


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