Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Austrian Supreme Court orders more transparency for Viagogo | Music Ally

In what is seen as a landmark decision, the Supreme Court in Austria has ruled that ticket re-selling site Viagogo must disclose the name and address of ticket sellers before a sale can be made on the platform. The court also stated that Viagogo must give details on the type of ticket being sold – most significantly if it is personalised (i.e. contains the name of the original purchaser which would require them to show ID to gain entry to the venue) – ahead of sale.

“The verdict also means that for the first time, customers in Austria are protected from losses caused by misleading information or the absence of essential information by sellers, such as travel costs when access to the show is denied,” said FEAT, the Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing. It added, “The verdict is a remarkable step towards a fairer secondary market in Austria, as it not only forces ticketing transparency, but places responsibility at the feet of the platforms themselves.”

Perhaps the most important part of the court’s decision is that if Viagogo does not make sellers comply with the new transparency rules then it itself can be held liable. Viagogo has yet to comment publicly.

Stuart Dredge

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