Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Artist Gracey used Instagram to tease ‘Empty Love’ track | Music Ally

Polydor-signed act Gracey is promoting her ‘Empty Love’ single with an AR filter for Instagram that plays an instrumental passage from the song which can then be played around with by the user. It works by opening the selfie camera in Instagram so that anyone using it can use an on-screen slider to lower or increase the volume and, as they do, the audio starts to distort as does the image of their face.

There was no mention of the fact that it was there to set up a new single, but fans sharing their creations using the app quickly realised new music was coming.

To add to the cryptic build up and based on the ‘Empty Love’ video, Gracey’s website was reskinned to feature an interactive 3D rendering of the artist, which distorts between her actual face and a wireframe of her head. There is nice thematic consistency between her website and the AR filter.

Stuart Dredge


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