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Why You Should Create An Online Festival [KOSHA DILLZ]

Indie hip hop artist Kosha Dillz did an online festival last week. Here is what he learned.

We decided to make it on Sunday after I created an online streaming group with tons of artists. We made a Facebook group called Seder Stream because Passover is a big holiday for us and it grew to over 1100 members in a week.

By Wednesday we had the festival announced in Billboard Magazine with a playlist and it landed us in Jewish Journal, the J Weekly and also Culture Collide. 

1. You could raising awareness and $$$ for a good cause. Whether you are helping 10-20 artists raise money for themselves (virtual tip jar)  or for a foundation like  Jazz foundation of America or something smaller like ipadstohospitals, You are working on the good. Lets all be up front and say doing good things makes you feel good, That all works hand in hand with getting thru the corona virus together.

Kosha Dillz is performing today (Thursday) as part of the HIP HOP AT HOME mini-fest on the Bandsintown LIVE channel. His set is at 4PM ET. Join him for a FREE fun meet and greet right after. Register now here.

2.  You are helping other artist get out of their head and into their pockets

People are looking to be part of things and all of us are wondering WT we are gonna do with money. Some of us lost $5k. Some of us lost $20k. Some of lost $60k. But in the end we have all lost. We are in our heads so much  that Cranberries song is all too real. Think of it as a mental health day. It helps to make money and keep the dream alive. People are coming out the woodwork to check in on people they followed 5 years ago. Lets find those people and bring them back to be our die hard new supporters during covid.

3. Free content.

Content game is crazy. I booked 20 some artists and now have footage and created a highlight real. Brands already want to be involved because they saw what we are able to do and bring attention to something. We are re-creating a idea that attention is still valuable in a time when the live music world has stopped. Recap videos. Live stream videos. You’ll be surprised who you meet on a live stream. We are gifted some real gems!

4. Building something genuine Not about you.

I am here making sure everyone is grasping this. Artists we are all self seeking. We want to pursue the best for …our careers. This is actually the time in shifting where we can’t be like that. We have to be a supportive community and be for others (more than last year.) .  This is a great time to collaborate.

5. increase in Online Attention

I can’t imagine that my followers have been jumping through the roof and meeting so many new opportunities as I have, but ny Instagram profile views have gone up 6000 every since and I also have been contacted my tons o of other artists and made their fans followers of me for being helpful and creating new things that can help everyone. Use this time to bring it all in. The festival. The press. The bandsintown and facebook events. The Spotify playlist of all the artists.

6. Create a festival that brings the world together

You might not be able to afford to do a festival IRL that is even a small production of regional bands. Now you have the ability to bring international bands to your audience from all over the world.  We had acts like Ran Nir in Berlin and Vala Nirenberg from Uruguay perform at our festival to Ballyhoo and Roots of Creation.  You can go on a Australian tour now. You can do. Europe Tour. You can do a Canadian tour. Now is the time to reach out and create connections with everyone, You can do this all from the comfort of your home!! Isn’t that crazy???

Now that you read through this, take a second to think about who you have on your friends list on facebook. Think about joining an organization like Stage it or getting a subscription to Streamyard for your own branding. Ask some people who will want to get involved.  Put up  a post on all of your social platforms from twitter to linkedin and instagram and throw in some of your favorite artists to a DM. Once you get a couple involved, arrange with a charity org some plans for social and contact Culture Collide or Billboard and other cool sites like Vultureto include your live streams.

Kosha Dillz is a rapper that is based in TLV and Israel. He was supposed to go on tour with RDGLDGRN x Little Stranger this month, but Covid cancelled 25 dates of awesomeness. Make sure you check out his patreon and his bandsintown for more virtual concerts. When you get a moment, listen to his new song with Matisyahu here and his new song w/ EDM star Kaskade.

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