Monday, April 27, 2020

Want the Travis Scott Fortnite action figures? That’ll be $75 | Music Ally

If you missed the Travis Scott concerts in Fortnite, and don’t want to have to watch with excitable YouTubers chattering over the top, there’s now an official ‘full event video’ (with well-chosen camera angles to get the full impact) on Scott’s own YouTube channel. It’s already been watched by nearly three million people at the time of writing.

There’s no big figure yet for how many people attended the five ‘concerts’ across Friday and Saturday, following the announcement that 12.3 million showed up for the first one. However, we’ve spotted some new merchandise based on ‘Astronomical’ – this time physical rather than virtual items.

Scott is selling a ‘Cactus Jack for Fortnite’ action-figure duo set for $75 (!) and a branded AR-Goosebumps Nerf Elite Dart Blaster toy gun for $65, both from his own online store. Remember, all this is also boosting Scott’s music: his ‘The Scotts’ track with Kid Cudi debuted at the top of Spotify’s global top 50 this weekend with 7.45m daily streams – the biggest debut of the year on the service.

Stuart Dredge


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