Friday, April 3, 2020

Startup SupaPass is now a ‘website and app creation’ platform | Music Ally

Back in July 2016, we profiled a British startup called SupaPass, which had just launched an app for musicians to run their own subscription services: starting at £1 a month for access to their music, videos, social posts and other exclusive content. Imogen Heap would be one of its most high-profile artists.

We hadn’t checked in on the company for a while, but SupaPass is still going, armed with $600k of new funding – taking it to $3.5m in total – and a strategic pivot of its business.

The company is now pitching itself as an “all-in-one website and app creation platform” for all kinds of clients. Artists and labels are still a key target, but it’s also angling for podcasters, fitness and wellbeing stars, TV and film companies, charities, conferences and any other businesses with engaged audiences.

“Our mission is to enable every business and content creator on the planet to launch the type of technology that Netflix or Spotify offer. While the music sector remains a core part of our business we quickly recognised that there was so much more potential in developing our technology to appeal to a broader market, triggered by entrepreneurs from TV, wellbeing and eLearning sectors approaching us to use our technology,” said CEO Juliana Meyer.

Stuart Dredge


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