Thursday, April 16, 2020

Soundsgood closes its playlisting platform after being acquired | Music Ally

We first wrote about French startup Soundsgood back in 2015 when it launched after signing up a range of tastemakers to curate bespoke playlists across all the major DSPs of the time.

Two years later, it was among the winners in the Midemlab contest for startups, triumphing in the marketing and data/analytics category. Over time, Soundsgood focused more on B2B services for music labels though. “These B2B activities have eventually led to our recent acquisition,” announced the company yesterday. For now it is declining to say who the acquirer was, although we think it’s more likely to be a major label than a streaming service or tech company. The downside for users of Soundsgood is that its platform is shutting down on 1 May, giving its playlister community until 30 April to save their playlists on their streaming profiles, and/or switch to other platforms that help maintain playlists across the various DSPs. Soundsgood cited Soundiiz and Free Your Music as suitable alternatives.

Stuart Dredge


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